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AVAILABILITYSpring through Fall
7 days a week


HIGHLIGHTS+ Double-harness globe riding (two harnesses in one globe can be very dangerous)
+ Going over waterfalls in a globe
+ Rolling down a hill with tree in close proximity

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ZORB® Smoky Mountains is the first site in the USA! Operating since late 2007, and located in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, ZORB® attracts people from afar afield as the West Coast USA and abroad.

Located at the base of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and just down the road from Dollywood, ZORB® Smoky Mountains is the newsest and most unique Pigeon Forge adventure activity!! Pigeon Forge is renowned for its wealth of attractions and great family atmosphere with activities for young and old alike.

Establishing itself as a “must see” attraction in Pigeon Forge, ZORB® Smoky Mountains is building a reputation within the local market. It is something truly unique and incomparable to anything else. ZORB® Smoky Mountains is definitely at the top of peoples lists for “things to do in Pigeon Forge”.

ZORB® Smoky Mountains attracts a number of annual visitors who just can’t get enough and want to try out our latest rides and see our newest merchandise.

On your way in from Sevierville, make sure you keep you’re eye out on the Parkway for our ZORB® globes as this indicates a place where you can purchase our tickets if you just can’t wait!

All the information (and more) you need to know about ZORB® Smoky Mountains can be found here.

We look forward to seeing you soon at ZORB® Smoky Mountains.



Q: I went ZORB® globe riding and thought it was the best thing ever. I want to be able to do this all the time – can I buy a ZORB® globe for personal or commercial use?

A: Unfortunately we don't sell our ZORB® globes. We have over 14years experience and have tried and tested most things about our ZORB® globes. We know the in's & out's and all the safety aspects involved in globe riding. We want to ensure globe riding is a safe sport for you, so we don't sell our ZORB® globes.

There are some poor copy products on the market that call themselves “Zorbs”, “Zorb balls” or “Zorbing balls”. These are not official ZORB® globes – they're fakes and can be dangerous!!!

Find out more information about fake products and operators attempting to pass off on our ZORB® brand here.

We do have a brand new product which is available for sale - the ZURF. Find out more information at the ZURF website.
Q: I have the perfect hill in my back yard. Me and my mate Joe reckons a ZORB® globe riding site would go wicked there – what do we need to do?

A: We offer ZORB® franchises to people who want to start their own official ZORB® site. Check out our business information and send us an email and we'll take it from there – simple!
Q: I'm travelling and want to go to ZORB®, how do I get to you?

A: Check out our location and hours page for the location you want to go to for maps and directions. If you need transport check out our local info page.
Q: Can I buy ZORB® tickets before I get to one of the ZORB® sites?

A: Absolutely! Simply check out our online shop and get that credit card rolling!
Q: I've gone through the registration process, paid for my ZORB® rides, and now I'm standing at the top of the hill and I've decided that this just isn't for me, can I get a refund?

A: Absolutely! If you decide at the last minute you don't want to ride, we provide a full refund on all your paid rides. You can choose to opt out at any stage of our registration / enrolment process and receive a full refund. You can be assured that our staff are trained to be supportive and understanding and will have you sorted in no time!
Q: I can't choose just one ride to do, I want to do more! I saw something called a ZORB Experience, what is that?

A: The ZORB Experience is a “Buy two rides, get one ride free” package. You can select any three rides and get them all for the price of two. What more could you ask for?

The rides can NOT be split between multiple persons. This entitles one person to experience three rides of their choosing.
Q: ZORB® is at the top of my bucket list and I'm coming to Rotorua specifically to get my ZORB® fix. Do I need to make a booking to make sure I can go?

A: Nope! We have an open door policy (within our operating hours) which means you can simply turn up and ride. The only time we require a booking is if you have a group of 20 or more people – if that's the case you can send us an email or give us a call with the group details.
Q: I want to remember the experience, do you offer a photo service?

A: Yes! Just select your ride of choice, get ready, and roll – all the while we'll take some high quality photo's of your ZORB® experience.

Our team is trained to take great photos that capture the ZORB® experience, we put them on a USB for you so you can take them home and show them to all your friends.

Plus, you can upload one free photo to your own facebook page when you check out your photos at our ZORB Experience Centres!

PLEASE NOTE: ZORB® Rotorua cannot guarantee photo's will be taken of each and every ride. We do our best to take photo's of your ride, however, various circumstances such as weather and equipment (among others) may mean we miss some photo's. We apologise in advance for any inconvenience.

Q: I've heard you can get pretty wet in the ZYDRO ride, what do I need to wear?

A: You're right – it can get pretty wet in there! Luckily you can purchase merchandise at our site we have something called a Zedpak too which includes a towel, a t-shirt and a pair of shorts to ride in. That way you have nice dry clothes to get into afterwards. If you're on a tight budget, you can simply bring along some swim wear and a towel and use that to ride.
Q: I've heard ZORB® globe riding is an experience you just can't miss, but how long is the ride?

A: The length of the ride is totally site dependent, although our shortest ride is approximately 40seconds in length – but it will be one of the best 40seconds of your life. You will be released from the ZORB® with sore sides from laughing so much and the unstoppable urge to ride again. Go on, we dare you.

If you need convincing – simply spend a bit of time on our website and read a few of the customer comments or check out our Facebook.
Q: It's raining, everything else is closed, and I have been craving my ZORB® experience for so long – are you guys open?

A: Absolutely! We operate in all weather and ZORB® is a great way to spend a rainy day! We'll still have the music pumping and the staff will be there to keep you entertained. Plus, when it is cold we use warm water on your ZYDRO ride and you'll be so nice and warm on your ZORB® experience you'll want to go again.

A. Safety is our top priority and ensuring our ZORBONAUTS have the best possible safe, yet incredibly fun, and truly memorable experience, is our goal. Throughout our 14years of experience and countless hours testing, we have identified the ideal way to travel down our dedicated ZORB®sites and you won't find anything better.

With this as the case, there are a number of things we don't do and recommend you don't try either!

-- Double-harness globe riding (two harnesses in one globe can be very dangerous)
-- Going over waterfalls in a globe
-- Rolling down a hill with tree in close proximity
-- Dropping off buildings, walls, or from an aeroplane
-- Using nets or walls to stop the globes at the end of the run/track
-- Placing solid objects in the path of the globe
-- Using ropes, hay bales, and posts as barriers
-- Tow behind a boat or jetski
-- Operate without specially designed courses
Q: I am jumping out of my socks with excitement about going ZORB globe riding, but I have an existing medical condition, can I ride?

A: Adventure sports experiences do have risks. You may not be able to ride if you have the following existing medical conditions:

- A disease that is communicable upon skin damage
- Back or neck injury
- Epilepsy
- Head injury
- Pregnancy
- Previous dislocation
- Other physical impairment

While special arrangements may be made for some that fall within this category those arrangements have to be in place before you visit the site. Please make an enquiry about pre-approval if you have a medical condition using the Medical Enquiry Form.
Q: I received the best present ever for my birthday – a ticket to go ZORB® globe riding!!! What happens if the ride I want isn't available or I want to change the ride I received?

A: No worries – we'll make sure you're looked after. You can transfer your ride to another that is available, with the difference refunded, or if you want an upgrade you can simply pay the difference. Easy!
Q: I'm heading out with a BIG group of friends from school / my church / my university / my sports club and we can't wait for our ZORB® experience, do you offer group discounts?

A: Absolutely! We offer discounts for groups of 20 or more people. If you have a large group heading our way simply send us the details and we'll let you know what we can offer you.
Q: I've finally convinced my teacher / youth pastor / group leader / (enter name here) to come out to ZORB® for the trip of a life time, do I need permission to ride?

A: Only if you're under 18 years of age at the time of your visit. If so, simply click here to download the consent form and fill out the details and bring it along with you.
Q: I couldn't wait any more and I'm already travelling to ZORB® and I haven't had my 18th birthday – can my group leader / youth pastor / teacher provide consent?

A: Yes they can, so long as they have consent from your parents or are your acting guardian on this trip. Simply get the consent form here and email it to us.
Q: OK, I couldn't get consent, and no one on my trip is able to provide consent for me – what do I do?!

A: Don't worry, simply contact your parents or guardian and get them to download the consent form here and email it to us. If they can't do that, we can call or text them when you're on site to gain consent. Easy!
Q: Is there anywhere else in the US where I can go ZORB® globe riding?

A: We have a new site in Amesbury, near Boston. Check out the Amesbury page under Locations for more information. Check our website or Facebook for new sites too!

If you're interested in establishing your own official ZORB® site then check out our business page for more information about how to do this.
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