Eat Dinner in the Sky

LOCATIONany city in the U.S.

AVAILABILITYThis is available year round.

HIGHLIGHTS+ Forbes Magazine calls "Dinner in the Sky" one of the 10 Most Unusual Restaurants
+ Enjoy world-class cuisine with 22 of your closest clients or friends floating up to 180 feet in the sky
+ The ultimate VIP experience for the ultimate in guest and client entertainment

from $40,000

HOW DOES THIS WORK?1. First, purchase an event.
2. After purchase, you be redirected to the event success page, which will display the hosts contact information. You can then contact them to book your event.
3. Then, enjoy and have fun!

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Imagine sitting atop an 18 story building enjoying an extravagant dinner with 21 others. The views, the food, the wine & the company all come together to create an evening to remember. Now, remove the building beneath you, but remain 18 stories up! Welcome to Dinner In The Sky!

Dinner In The Sky is a high flying dining experience that takes 22 guests to a viewing height of up to 180 feet. The 22 guests are each comfortably strapped into leather seats that are secured to a dining table.

The dining table and seats are connected to a crane which then performs the lift. The center of the dining table has a walking platform that can accommodate 5 additional standing guests primarily for the purpose of serving food, beverages or giving a presentation.

Dinner In The Sky is an exclusive V.I.P. experience primarily geared towards those that yearn for the most exclusive and unique way to entertain guests. The experience is particularly exclusive since it is the only one in the United Sates.

Learn why Forbes Magazine calls Dinner in the Sky “one of the world’s ten most unusual restaurants”!

Build up time is 2 hours, breakdown time is 1hour. The experience in the sky will vary depending on the dinning experience requested.

Maximum Participants:
22 people at a time can enjoy dinner in the sky.

From the ground, yes.

Weather Dependent:
There is weather insurance that can be purchased.

What to Wear:
This is your evening. You may dress as you wish.

Booking Information:
For this experience, it is recommended to request bookings a minimum of 2 months in advance.

Cancellation Policy:
All bookings are final.
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